Dear valued visitors,

Due to overbearing micro-management attempts by Jordan Carver Media (the owners of Jordan’s materials) in regard to this website, I have opted to shut down indefinitely.

I’ll explain what has happened – and you should read this because it has to do with you.

First, this site has been online for over a year now with the intent to make a profit. And both JC Media and myself have made a profit from it after joining JC Media’s affiliate program. There were numerous galleries and banners. JC Media made thousands of dollars from me.

Long and the short of it is – I had ads on the site which could be described as “racy”. They had graphic depictions of sexual situations as it relates to Jordan.

Apparently, the folks at JC Media didn’t like this. But rather than write me about it directly and politely ask that they be removed, they contacted my host directly with a “copyright infringement” notice. My host immediately shut down the site.

Now remember how I said I was an affiliate of theirs? How could I get a copyright infringement notice? I’m promoting them and making them money!

It turned out not to be copyright infringement at all. They simply didn’t like the contents of my site and used “copyright infringement” as a way to get me to bow to their demands to remove what they deemed as offensive content.

Pretty freaking underhanded if you ask me.

They also used the same tactic to shut down my bigger site at until I removed the “crude” banners and other materials they didn’t like relating to Jordan. Either I remove the allegedly offending materials or my site would not be reinstated.

It was a very unethical, slimy and totally unacceptable way to get what they wanted. Ninja bully tactics.

Furthermore, it seems a bit hypocritical for JC Media to promote Jordan Carver – a BIKINI MODEL who photographs herself in lewd poses, skimpy attire and settings intended to sexually provoke – but insist that I do not include any sexual materials on this website at all. This reeks of hypocrisy and betrays their ignorance of YOUR desires as a visitor here. They want to control what YOU see.

Face it, you have “thoughts” about Jordan when you see her photos, don’t you? And they aren’t all “clean” and “classy” descriptions JC Media insisted I adhere to, are they? But JC Media insists - no crude or sexual thoughts allowed!


Side note to JC Media – get a clue. You’re in a business that caters to men’s sexual desires. No matter how classy or artsy Jordan’s content is, the majority of men who look at her photos and movies are going to have “crude” fantasy thoughts about her. I simply catered to this FACT.

In fact, you COUNT on this fact to make you profit, yet can’t handle it when ads and materials are created to reflect the sexuality she creates. It’s incredibly naive or stupid to think Jordan’s materials are anything more than masturbation material.

But, to keep things simple and to keep you happy as an audience, I removed the “offensive” material for JC Media.

Subsequently, the site was reinstated.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

Then another request came in from JCM today – for me to remove a sexually graphic poll that described what you would like to do with Jordan, as in a TEXT ONLY portion of the site.

I knew where this was heading and it was the last straw. These people were censures, content Nazis without any imagination (or business sense, I might add) or respect for you as a visitor. They create fantasies using Jordan as a pinup doll, but insist you don’t have any of your own! ABSURD!

I am someone who is passionate about free speech and creating value through it. I would rather listen to Justin Bieber while being anally raped over and over in a pit of vipers for a week than be held hostage by a third party who threatens my site with an implied copyright violation if I don’t comply with their demands to add and remove content from MY site.

In other words, if I don’t comply with their censoring of my site, they’ll just tell my host it’s a copyright violation and get the site deactivated, whether it’s a copyright violation or not. It’s essentially a hostile takeover.

I will NOT tolerate it, and nor should you.

So I’m sorry to have to do this, but the unethical group at JC Media are pretty slimy. I REFUSE to do business with unethical bullies. I will NOT deal with them any longer and they will no longer be making a profit from me in any way. Their intolerance of creativity and fondness for totalitarian requests has caused this site to go offline.

At least it was MY choice this time around. :-)

My apologies for the abrupt shut down, but JC doesn’t deserve to have me as an affiliate and you shouldn’t have to fund scumbags with no ethics in business.

It’s been a fun run!

Take care all!


P.S. I’ve kept comments open if you’d like to discuss. The site will completely disappear within a week or so, so express how you feel about this!

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